Layers for Fall

As it has gotten cooler in the mornings and in the evenings; keeping warm while the Autumn weather decides to settle, we sometimes don’t know what to wear… For this very reason, during this seasonal transition I like layers. Simply because it’s easy, fun and helps to adjust to the weather from day to evening by removing or adding layers.

My choice of layers are; always an under shirt, a nice long sleeve top, which allows me to roll up the sleeves, should I start to feel too warm… I like to throw a light sleeveless cardigan or long vest for a cozy and covered feel with a pair of half leather, half fabric tights. Depending on how windy it is a light scarf is always nice 🙂 As for shoes, from pretty flats, booties, pumps… to feel comfortable is important yet nice at the same time.

You can layer according to your taste and comfort, while at the same time learn to see what works for your body type. Don’t be afraid to try new styles, just look in the mirror and do a 360, smile and admire yourself all around. You are beautiful, You can do it!