My Cleaning Solution

As a beautiful, joyous and loving celebration approaches we get busy. Gatherings with family and friends more often than usual, which means more cleaning and organizing. It is fun I love it and enjoy the quality time with the people I love.

However, with all the running around and preparations we may just grab whatever is convenient or what we have in the cupboard to clean, which for me was probably the strongest and fastest cleaning solution to get the job done as quick as possible.  Bad 🙁  We forget all the toxins you and your family breath in every time we spray and wipe with just any cleaning solution.

A while ago I made the choice to make a change for my family and my home, to minimize the harsh toxic chemicals I was using in my home.

VINEGAR. My natural solution to cleaning. I use White Distilled Vinegar to clean my sink, counter tops, stove tops, oven and my floors. If I clean on a regular basis there is no need to be scrubbing hard and using harsh chemicals on any of my surfaces. If the smell of vinegar gets strong I just open the window for a few minutes and the smell is gone.  I also like to clean with Baking Soda and sometimes just good old soap and water gets the job done.

If we maintain a clean home I find there’s not much to do and have more time to prepare for those gatherings with friends and family.

May your home be filled with good Health, Love and Happiness 🙂


Lynn xo