Discovering Your Talents

We end January of 2018, after all the BEAUTIFUL Christmas celebrations and New Years Celebration with family and friends I continue to be Happy and Thankful for a great start to the year šŸ™‚
A new day, a new opportunity and always moving forward. No New Year’s resolutions, just continue to work on being the best version of me, complete projects I’ve started and continue with what I have set myself out to accomplish.

With God’s help I look forward to completing and sharing them with you all šŸ™‚ One step at a time, patience, dedication, discipline and not being afraid to follow what I love; as I pursue and fulfill my passion.
God gave me a talent, I choose to use it, and by honing this talent is me appreciating it and not letting it go to waste.

Sometimes we have hidden talents we never knew we had until we try doing something that you have never done before. Try painting, drawing, singing, building something, decorating, encouraging… You may surprise yourself and discover something you never knew you had until you try. Don’t bury your talent, use it wisely, nurture it and watch it flourish.
Once I discovered my talent, I began to exercise it and learn more about it, even if it meant making mistakes. Those mistakes are what allow me to learn to do better and not repeat the same error. I am learning everyday and believe that we never stop learning.

Whatever it is you choose to pursue, do it with passion, willingness to learn and always be thankful for your talent.

Lynn xo